Sandel Foods is a leading supplier of filling, icings, glazes, syrups and sauces; as well as the only Canadian company processing glacé fruit products.


Sandel Foods was established in 1979 by two business partners with a vision to provide custom ingredient solutions to the baking industry in Western Canada. The focus on customer needs proved successful and SFI grew quickly. As time progressed SFI began developing new product lines including glace fruit, icings, sauces and syrups. The business grew too large for the facility at the time and opened a new location in Surrey, BC.

SFI soon became recognized as a go to supplier across Canada. In 2011 it was time for another expansion and SFI moved to a new 70,000 Sqft facility in Chilliwack BC where the business is today. To continue the growth and success, SFI was acquired by the Vanderpol Group. The new ownership enabled SFI to expand to new product lines including Dairy ingredients like yogurt fruit bases and ice-cream swirls. With the foundation of providing custom ingredient solutions, SFI continues to look for new markets and customers to grow with.