At Sandel Foods our professional staff are university Food Sciences graduates, who continue to test and improve our products.

Using production prototypes to test flavour, stability and longevity, our people create innovative formulations for supermarket chains and large wholesale bakeries as well as continually sample our standard products to maintain taste, consistency, stability and quality.

We take pride in our creativity and the quality of the work that we put into making the best pastry and pie fillings available. Try our delicious pastry filling products!apple

  • Test baking facility utilizing production equipment to duplicate most commercial baking operations
  • Prototype development
  • Preparation of small samples
  • Simulation of production runs
  • Test baking production for group/sensory evaluation

Custom formulations for retail chains and large wholesale bakeries


What does innovation mean to us? Everything!

In pursuit of this goal, Sandel Foods lives in a continuous improvement philosophy and, in 2014, attained Food Safety System Certification 22000.

We wish to thank all of our customers for their patronage and invite everyone to browse our website and contact us for more information on any of your ingredient needs.